Friday, 16 November 2012

Adventure time!

Remember those books from when we were kids? The ones where you could "be the hero in your own adventure"? I loved those books. I played through every single one of them, even the bad ones from the other series, the ones where the numbers didn't always add up and suddenly you were completely lost. I never worked out the whole dice system, and I honestly don't think it would have added to the experience (loose in a fight, you die, you start over. Pointless, eh?) - but the stories. Oh, the stories.

Today, I found a website with stories based on the same principle - only, due to them being all online and fancy, both stories and character development is allowed much more complexity. The game (I'll call it game. It's kinda like a game) remembers my previous choices, which influence's other people's opinions about me as well as my skill in various things. For example, I - the proud officer at HMS Something - almost screwed up a hostile takeover because my sailing skills were seriously bad. Luckily, I was rather good at that cannon thing, so we managed to blast them to hell anyway. But I like that. I like that if I had not paid attention to the cannons earlier, we may have lost that battle and all the advances after that would be altered.

So why am I writing this, instead of finding out what happens after I run drunkenly into an ambush (stupid me)? Because the site just went down. Which sucks. Because it was really interesting! And that is why I decided to tell you about it. Hopefully the site will be up again soon, and when it is, you should check it out. There are all kinds of stories. Sci-Fi, horror, vampire stuff (the real kind, not the glittery kind), romance (not the real kind, the Henry VIII kind) and, of course, swashbuckling stuff. You can find it all at here. As far as I have deduced, there is an app thingie too - but I just played online, which worked fine.

Aaand, by way of a disclaimer: I do NOT gain anything from you clicking that link. I have no clue who is behind these games, but I think they are awesome and they bring up nostalgic memories. Hopefully, some of you will enjoy them too. :)

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